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EVOTECH Triumph Tiger 900/850 Sport Front Wheel Sliders

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It’s a fact of motorcycling life that your machine will incur costly bumps and scrapes every so often. That’s why Evotech has designed the very best spindle bobbins to give your Triumph the ultimate protection without blemishing its good looks.

Made in England from high performance engineering materials in order to protect your expensive rear swing arm and brake calipers in the event of a spill.

🛠 Instructions for installation

🔧 The bobbins are incredibly easy to fit and are retained by stainless steel spindles and nyloc nuts for security

📦 Includes two nylon bobbins, two anodized aluminum spacers, S/S spindle, nuts, washers



Triumph TIGER 900 / GT / GT Pro (2020 – )

Triumph TIGER 900 Rally / Rally Pro (2020 – )

Triumph TIGER 850 Sport (2021 – )

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